Cerveza artesana American dream Golden Promise Brewing

Red Rye IPA-American Dream-


Red copper. Medium to low carbonation. Citrus, peach and mango aromas stand out right away, as well as malty nuances mostly from the rye. Incredible smooth in palate. Flavor explodes in the mouth full of fruit and malty touches, perfectly balanced with a nice bitterness. Finally, the spiciness of the rye takes over the entire mouth washing everything and getting the palate ready for a new taste and more discoveries. All these characteristics make a very complex beer, but also very easy to drink.

Recipe Nº4

Alcohol percentage 6.2%

Formats 33cl. y 75cl.

Service temperature 7-10 ºC


Golden Promise, rye and caramel malts. Hops (Cryo hops): Simcoe, Citra and Ekuanot. Yeast: Huge ester profile strain. Organic certified


Red copper.



Grilled meat, cured cheeses, spicy plates and seafood.



Fruity and sweet, with a bitter and spicy end.

-Gold Edition-


For this recipe, we’ve design a special and very limited 75cl. bottle (Only 1000 units) decorated with 0,07 grams of gold, to celebrate our first anniversary.

The Inspiration for this recipe is the entrepreneur spirit that drove us to start this incredible adventure: Our particular American dream. We wanted to summarized the most important qualities of that way of life in its ingredients: Passion, determination and Innovation.

Passion: It’s what pushes us to do incredible things and the very basic foundation for an entrepreneur. In this beer, The red rye is the base that provides its strong body and helps all its complexity to flow easy carrying all the different flavors and nuances.

Determination: Ekuanot is the main hop in this fermentable. Strong alpha acids and great amount of resin, and most importantly, the result of a long 13 years of developing this patented variety from Yakima Valley, in Washington state.

Innovation: The most unique ingredient in this beer is the yeast that we chose to use. In this case we discovered a special Saccharomyces, developed by a company in Oregon that is making a new way in the brewing industry through their work. This particular strain provides an amazing ester profile that elevates the hops to a new level.